Friday, March 28, 2014

Being a Happily Married Manglik

Everyone prefers a complete balance life with good family, friends, children, marriage, love and a successful profession. Success in all such areas can give happiness to an individual and let him or her live a content life. At the same time, today’s youth is going through a complete transition of values, principles, beliefs and sorts where they have been raised and brought up in a relatively orthodox and traditional environment which demands sticking to roots. However, at the same time also have a broad access to contemporary and modern ideas which allows them to spread their wings and not be bound by traditional principles and values which at times hold them back in achieving things they desire.

Is Being Traditional not accepted?

Indian values, tradition and principles have played a significant role in shaping the face of modern India and its culture. One cannot ignore the benefits of cultural upbringing and traditional thoughts which lays the foundation of family values, relationships and other ethics in every walk of life. It helps an individual to stick to its reality. At the same time lot of people follow such beliefs and principles blindly without knowing its significance. They do not have any clear understanding of the situation.
Now a day’s young generation prefers to choose their own life partners over those found by their families. In any of the cases parents prefer to match the horoscopes to ensure neither of them is a Manglik. 

Manglik matching is one of the most essential criteria for a partner’s acceptance by the family. This definitely tends to be one of the biggest hindrances in the happiness of their children who can 
otherwise live a happy married life. This astrological angle can have an adverse impact on their relationship.

Is The Concept of Manglik a Hoax?

Though one cannot challenge the accuracy of Vedic astrology, believing in it is completely personal choice. There have been cases where couple leading a good and healthy life with one of them, being a manglik. At the same time few cases have seen ill effects and problems with of one of the partner being a manglik. If there is a good compatibility and understanding between two partners, such horoscopes should not be a hindrance. One should not give up easily on the partner just because one of them is a manglik.

Are there ways to protect the Spouse from this Astrological Condition?

One need not be intimidated with horoscopes mentioning something unfavorable. As per suggested by few astrologers, 80% of human race falls in the category of Manglik. Hence there is primarily nothing to fear. Also, in case one is getting married to a manglik consult an astrologer. There are lots of small solutions that can wipe off possible hindrances. They can recommend rituals and prayers which can protect yourself and your partner from negative consequences. Manglik  matching can also be done by them.

At the end of the day , successful marriages completely depends on how compromising, loving, loyal and practical you and your spouse are. Build a relationship on faith, love and trust. Marriage can be bliss with all these. One should not deny the fact that non-mangliks can also have a failed marriage. Everyone should take a complete ownership of their lives and marriage. 

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