Saturday, May 10, 2014

Astrological Compatibility

Compatibility is complex and ofcourse important for couples to lead a long and happy married life. Couples usually go for Astrological compatibility before tying the knot. We read daily about Bollywood celebrities and even international stars seeking astrological help to determine the best time or day to get married. Famous Indian Cricketer M.S Dhoni got married hardly 24 hours after his engagement as opposed to plans to get married in 2011. Reports stated that reasons included astrological advice that he had to formalize the relationship as soon as possible

Newlyweds…Are you Compatible? What do your stars say??

Although astrology cannot answer all questions, it can definitely help you walk towards the right path. For marriages, most traditional Indian families choose to have a Vedic charts or Janampatri’s drawn up through the art of astrology. This chart helps interpret the characteristics and destiny of a person. Not just that, it also helps check the suitability and compatibility of a prospective match. Marriage compatibility analysis will give you a glimpse of your future married life and help you find out where both of you stand on love and sharing, harmony, family and children, mutual growth and career, etc.

Marrying for love? 

Even if you consider love to be the most important element in your marriage you can choose to consult an astrologer to know what to expect in the future and be wary of problems that may arise. For marriage, they generally consider the “Kuta” agree-ability and larger strength of the 7th and the 8th houses of the Vedic chart.

According to astrology, similar birth-signs signify compatibility and affection in married life. Apparently, there are 36 Gunas in total in a birth-chart. They are considered for compatibility check, and a match of 18 Gunas is considered auspicious for the couple.

Matching Horoscopes for a Happy Marriage
For harmonious, balanced and healthy relationship, especially in the case of a traditional Hindu arranged marriage, parents seek the help of an astrologer and match horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom.

Apart from the Gunas, the horoscopes are checked for Manglik dosha (determined by the placement of planet Mars in the houses in your birth chart) and to check for tendencies of long separation or any signs of divorce.

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