Friday, May 2, 2014

Had a Arranged Marriage? Make your First Anniversary Special

First marriage anniversary is always special for couples, you are completing a whole year that was spent exploring each other, finding love and each passing day makes it more special. But what happens if your marriage was arranged? In an arranged marriage you adjust and fall in love with your husband slowly. The day is special because you feel you are special for each other. 

Take the day off

This is your first anniversary and you deserve a break So just forget work and deadlines for a day. Take the day off and spend it together. Why not visit a place where you met post the marriage was arranged? How about just doing something that you enjoy together? A movie or dinner maybe?
Or simply go through your wedding album together and enjoy laughing about how awkward you both were back then?

Have an anniversary Photo shoot

With all the photos from engagement and wedding where you were awkward and your discomfort was obvious in any frame. Now that you are in love the pictures will reflect it. You can hire a professional photographer and do the photo shoot. Dress up and get some romantic shots clicked. You can frame them for posterity. 

Go for a Romantic Date

Instead of going on romantic getaways like any other couple, why not spend the day out. being teenagers in love? You can go for long rides on your bike, plan for a picnic on the outskirts of the city or just relish street food together! You can take your better half to your favorite cafe in college- a place where you once spent hours with friends, wishing for that someone special to come into your life! 

Make your gifts special

Because you have linked through arranged marriage, your first wedding anniversary gift holds a deeper significance than the rest. The gifts you give each other today will be like a representation of your love developed in the year. So, what can you gift which will hold true to your feelings? You might decide to get something that your partner likes. But you can also add a little note expressing your feelings or talking about fond memories built over the months. 

Just the two of you

As the day ends, you can spend the evening cozying up. Plan it all out- the candle lights, forget cooking today and order for your favorite food and wine, play your favorite soothing music and just enjoy each other’s company. You may have done this before, but your first wedding anniversary makes it more special. Intimate moments will be even more pleasurable and enjoyable tonight, Cheers!

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