Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pre-Wedding Detox Plan

Every Bride wants to look fresh and flawless on her most important day. And to achieve this, they try innumerable crash diets that their many friends and cousins may suggest. But even though almost all Bride-to-be follow various diets and fitness routine before the big day, they often miss something else that is most vital- Detoxification.

Detoxification basically refers to the body’s natural process of getting rid of harmful toxins. Naturally, when the body is devoid of all that is harmful and toxic, it looks and feels healthier.

No external beauty treatment can replace what detoxification does from within.

Why go for Detox?

Detoxification helps cleansing body at the cellular level, and helps boost the body’s daily functions, leaving you feeling healthier and energetic. Detoxification also acts as a remedial process for poor digestion, skin allergies, acne, weight gain, and even high blood pressure. Getting rid of harmful toxins from your body not only does wonders to your system, but also projects a more beautiful you by clearing your skin from the deepest layers, giving it a natural glow.

Can you do it yourself or you need expert help?

Of course! Even though it is a natural process, by aiding detoxification, with a well-planned pre-wedding routine, you can stimulate and enhance the process to achieve a naturally glowing and healthy body. You can do so by following some very simple steps.

What should you do? 

Well detoxification can be achieved by implementing simple habits in your daily diet routine. Other than the usual advice of healthy diet plan (small portions of 6 to 8 meals a day and more fresh fruits and veggies) and regular exercise (at least 45 minutes a day for at least 4 days a week), here is what you can do to improve your daily detox.

  • Forget junk food - Before you begin to plan your detox diet, you must give up all the fizzy drinks, fried, sugary, cream-laden treats. These foods are heavy to digest and cause bloating of the stomach. Moreover, they can also lead to skin breakouts, which is definitely not something you hope for, a few days before the wedding. Also, stay away from strong coffee and alcohol, as they can tamper with your digestion and sleep pattern, reflecting badly on your skin.

  • Hydrate the right way - The basic detox technique that you have probably been hearing about everywhere is- hydration. You must have enough fluids in your body to help detox. However, you must be careful about choosing the right fluids. 

  • Grab a bottle of water instead of a fizzy drink. - Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, or other energy drinks. Squeeze some drops of lemon, or add a slice of lemon or cucumber to your regular glass of water. Include at least 2-3 cups of green tea in your diet. Not only does it help fight disease by boosting immunity, but it also enhances the detoxification process. Apart from fruits juices, add some green vegetable juices to your daily diet. Drinking fresh, raw juice is a definite way to keep those comfort food cravings at bay while still getting the best nutrition. Adding a freshly made juice or smoothie into your daily diet will increase your energy, cleanse your skin and soothe your eyes. Avoid commercially packed juices, as the quantity of sweeteners and preservatives are high while the nutrients are low in them. 

  • Eat the correct detox foods- Including just the right foods in your diet will promise a good detox and cleansing for your body. Here are some foods that will do the trick for you:           
            Fresh fruits: Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and many 
            other vital nutrients that are great for your system. Simply include a large bowl of fruits in 
            every meal. 

           Whole grains: Make sure you choose whole grains (wheat, jowar, bajra, etc.) over 
           refined flour products (white breads, cakes, pasta, etc.). Whole grains are not only rich in 
           nutrients and antioxidants, they are high in fiber too. Fiber helps keep your system clean 
           by ensuring regular bowel movements. While trying to detox, the last thing one would 
           want is constipation or bloating. 
          Green leafy vegetables: Leafy greens help your digestive system with enough 
           antioxidants and fiber to get rid of toxins. You can either eat them raw in form of salads, 
           add them to all your favorite preparations.
          Lemons: These fruits are an amazing source of vitamin C, which is known to be the 
          most potent agent helping the body detox and burn calories too! You can squeeze lemon 
          juice on your salads or fruits, or simply begin your day with a glass of water with lemon. 
         This is a great way to neutralize acidity in the body, and aid digestion. 

  • The mental detox- Effective detox is not just physical, but also a mental mechanism. Your body will produce more of the damaging free radicals if you are stressed or exhausted mentally. So, just take a break from the unending wedding chores to get a breather. Practice yoga, meditate, or do some simple breathing exercises. Or, read a book, take a walk in the park, or just sit in garden or on the terrace to calm your mind. This will give your body and mind time to rejuvenate and refresh.

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