Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chocolate Spa Therapy for Brides

Pre- bridal is an important part of the bride’s beauty regime, you and me have all done it. It’s the day you can glow and look your best. The pampering and bridal spa helps in reliving stress and helps in making your skin supple and tight. If you are busy planning your wedding, or tired of all the shopping and incessant last minute calls from flower guys etc, then my suggestion is you go for chocolate spa therapy. Its one of the best therapies that are trending nowadays. 

Pampering is the most important part of a soon-to-be bride’s beauty regime. Just as it is important to have clear skin, it also helps to de-stress. This helps the bride to release the fatigue that might be building up in the months before the wedding, while she is busy planning and preparing for the big day.

The chocolate spa is therapeutic as it helps in making you look young. The caffeine content of chocolate stimulates better circulation and improves blood flow. 
Chocolate spa gives your skin a firmer look, as it helps in breaking cellulite and firms up the skin. 
Cocoa butter often used in massages contains high amount of natural oils that are essential with cocoa butter massage. It is helps in rejuvenating tired and dull/dry skin. 

Say goodbye to rough skin spots! With Chocolate massage, your skin can be rid of stubborn dark spots on elbows, knees and feet. The cocoa butter helps in moisturizing and softening of the skin. 

Darker chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in getting rid of the toxins collected on your skin due to pollution, dust and sweat. 

Dark chocolate is also knows as an aphrodisiac! So you can get chocolate spa not only as a pre-bridal but also for your honeymoon to add an extra spark to your marriage. 

For chocolate spa you need to take some time out to relax. Don’t just squeeze the spa in between shopping and calls. Try to relax and enjoy the pampering. Ideally you should go for the spa before your functions start. Many brides go for chocolate therapy before their wedding day. It’s is known to be a sensual massage that helps in nourishing your skin and heightening your senses. 

The chocolate scrub works on the cellulite getting rid of the dead skin, cells and grime. The spa also includes caking your body with chocolate with a combination of coffee, walnut grits, cream depending on your skin type. Coffee and grapefruit are also added for additional benefit. So go for chocolate spa therapy now and share with us the results!


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