Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Steps to a Perfect Wedding Card

Matrimony is a universal norm that binds a man and woman together; by a traditional custom of vows taken. In India, marriages are considered as the biggest event in one’s life and it is not just one event where the ceremony takes place, it is preceded and followed by a number of other small and large events which signify various different things. 

A very vital facet about a marriage is the wedding card. It is an essential part of ensuring the presence of loved ones, family and friends during the Manglik Matrimony. The wedding card is the first look; a guest gets of what to anticipate during the celebrations. 

Here, is a list of factors that need to be considered while selecting a wedding card-

1. Before you commence your preparations for an invite, one ought to make a guest list and cross check the names of your friends and family members’ repeatedly. Depending on the number of people you wish to invite to what function, separate those lists. Say, out of 350 guests only 250 will get an invite to the Sangeet Function and the Wedding Ceremony. However, all 350 will get an invite to the reception. 

2. Indians hold God at the highest place in their culture. Therefore, a wedding card having God’s name printed first is considered auspicious. This is no hard and fast rule, but a tradition passed on over years. 

3. All the guest names must be correctly spelt. Make sure you have spelt the first and the last names correctly. 

4. If the card has to be posted by mail, confirm addresses and add contact numbers, if necessary.

5. The more elegant the design, the more pleasing it will be to the eye. Our motive is not to overwhelm the person, but to make them like the card and look forward to the event.

6. Make sure the bride and bridegroom’s names are visibly printed.

7. The font style must be fancy, but not so decorative, that it becomes unintelligible. 

8. If the card is innovative, let the mechanism of the card be simple yet unique. Also, get maps printed of each venue so the invite is useful and more valued. The guests must find it convenient to read and understand the content written. Add dress-codes if it is a theme-based event. 

9. Always show gratitude while writing the card and maintain a formal tone. Make the guests feel important and that their presence will enlighten your function. And mostly importantly, check all the information before handing it over. The information needs to be right and authentic. 

10. While adding content and details about the wedding, traditionally name of parents and grandparents is written, so as to give them respect and show gratitude. You can also avoid the cliché way of adding their names and rather add a personalized message, asserting a few things they like to say (in a paragraph). Or allot a page, where the bride or bridegroom asserts a paragraph stating how their presence and importance has made a difference to the entire wedding. 

Wedding cards act as a prior intimation to the wedding ceremony. And the list stated above will help you determine a good and meaningful invitation. 

Wedding Cards are a very important facet in Matrimony. A few essential details need to be taken into account for a simple and good looking invitation.

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