Monday, April 7, 2014

Interesting Indian Wedding Traditions

India is a diverse land that holds a myriad of traditions. Each community has their own unique rite of passage. While some may be endearing to learn about others can be purely strange. However, they all come together to form the wedding ceremony that celebrates the matrimonial unification of two souls. 

The Ascetic Groom 

Among the Tamil Brahmins, there is a matrimonial tradition where the groom is expected to pretend to become suddenly disillusioned and want to renounce worldly pleasures. He along with his friends, leave the wedding venue in a traditional dhoti, and the father and other relatives of the bride need to persuade him to return and accept the bride.

Abductions for Marriage 

In some very ancient Indian tribes, it was a norm that marriage can take place only by abduction. As per this tradition, the young man is expected to carry his lady away on his back, make sure she stays hidden for a year and then have a wedding ceremony that is automatically consented for by the parents of the bride. 

Contractual Weddings 

As 'untraditional' as it may sound, the Nagarattars of Tamil Nadu have a tradition right after the ceremonial tying of the Mangalsutra, where the fathers of both the groom and bride are expected to sign a document that states the marriage contract between the families. This contract is known as the isaivu padimaanam. 

Deeper the Color the More the Love

Every Indian bride applies mehendi on her hands and feet before she gets married. It is commonly believed that the deeper the color of the mehendi, the more her husband will love her. In some traditions, it is also believe that the color justifies the love between a mother in law and the bride. Bride’s are also forbidden from doing any housework till the mehendi remains in her hands.

Veiling the Groom 

In many parts of North India, the face of the groom is kept hidden with a floral veil with an aim to protect him from the evil eye. At some point of the wedding ceremony, a member of the bride’s family is permitted to lift the veil briefly to make sure that the groom is the chosen one. 

With so many enchanting matrimonial traditions and ceremonies, an Indian wedding is not only a manifestation of love between the bride and the groom, but also the attachments that are developed between each family member. 

The Indian wedding is a rather enchanting experience to have for those who aren’t familiar with its elaborate rituals and customs. This article talks about the different traditions that are followed in different parts of the country.

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