Monday, April 21, 2014

Advice for a Stress-free Wedding

Planning a Wedding can be tiresome what with the last minute shopping and the hustle bustle of the relatives and family members. Since every Bride hopes for a smooth and stressful wedding, she can very well prepare a list to avoid the petty and irritable issues that can crop up. So to avoid the stress lines to show on your Wedding day, or to avoid the bloodshot look owning to lack of rest and sleep, here are a few pointers that may help you...

Step 1 is to stay hydrated. We don't want you falling unconscious in a middle of a ceremony. Winters or summers, you need to have ample amount of juices and coconut water to stay fresh and energetic. Coconut water will help you stay toxin free. 

Step 2 Surround yourself with positive friends and family
The chores along with the wedding preparations can be quite crazy. I would suggest that you stay calm in case you are not able to shop for your color choice. Keep your mind open and stay positive. Shop with someone sensible who you trust and believe in. 

Step 3, go for lighter wedding outfits
 In our Punjabi Weddings, the heavyweight lehengas and saree's have become a fashion trend. Go for lighter wedding outfits, something which can wear with comfort. The weight, the heat and the uneasiness you feel while moving around in them can be stressful. Lighter attires on the other hand that are accessorized well, leave you feeling happy and light throughout the affair. Go for chiffon or Georgette or alternatively you can go for crepe too. 

Step 4, is to manage time effectively. 
If you strategically manage time before wedding by creating a checklist and going according to the schedule, then there will be less of last minute panic. Learn to delegate work, and work on finishing the major tasks way before the wedding day. Give yourself a month before the wedding to relax, enjoy your pre-bridal spa. Go for casual shopping with your friends and young family members to get ideas for a great trousseau. 

Step 5, Stay involved and informed of the Wedding preparations
Yes we did tell you to delegate but you have to stay involved and most importantly informed of all that is happening for your wedding. The catering, flowers, venue, color scheme for your wedding, wedding theme (if you are inclined to have one) are not going by the schedule then you should have a family meeting for alternatives. Don't crib that your favorite fish din't come out right or your flower decoration din't get an approval from your in-laws. Plan before hand to avoid stress. 

Step 6, Most importantly work on the problem areas
Do you think your panditji is overbooked on the day of your wedding and might not be able to reach your wedding on time? Or has your caterer ordered a special cake that has to be assembled at the venue? Well, things left to the last minutes can cause stress later on. So, work on the problem areas beforehand. It is best to have each member of your family assigned to a different responsibility so that you can cover all areas cleverly.

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