Monday, April 7, 2014

Romantic ways to propose

You may have spent months or even years interacting with different profiles on online matrimonial sites, and finally, you have found that one girl who makes you skip your heart beats and make your feet melt. Even though your relationship may have started rather unconventionally, complete with awkward conversations and a whole lot of apprehensions, you can change the dynamics by giving her one of the most special proposals.

While asking for her hand to marry you, you may consider using some of the following creative ideals to show how deeply you feel about her –

·      Fireworks
Who will not go weak in the knees when they see a beautiful display of colors exploring in the sky before them. You can have your friends to put up a firework display when you go down on your knees, or get in touch with a firework manufacturer who will be able to custom make one for you with a special message.

·     Candlelight Dinner – A rather classic and traditional way to pop the question, this may just turn out to be the most appropriate way to propose to someone you met on an online matrimonial site. You can take her to her favorite restaurant and request the staff to give you a quiet corner where you can have some privacy. Request them to play some of her favorite love songs and set the mood with candles.

·    Serenade your Love – Singing a song of love to the one you intend to spend the rest of your life with is probably the most heart melting experience a girl can have. You don’t need to write your own song, but just pick one that means something to the two of you. You can set the scene by making sure she is caught off guard with the song. However, it is best that you practice in advance relying on last minute preparation can have quite disastrous results. You can also consider altering a popular song to incorporate the proposal lyrics.

·     Plan a Treasure Hunt – An innovative way to propose is by setting up an intelligent treasure hunt of sorts which takes your lady love to different parts of the city to finally find you and a proposal waiting for her.

Considering the fact that you met your spouse on an online matrimonial site, chances are that she may already be expecting a proposal. This makes it all the more a reason to create a special occasion for her and give her a proposal that she will never forget!

As conservative as may sound to find your life partner on an online matrimonial site, you can help break the ice and start your life together on a highly romantic note by giving her the best proposal ever. Here are a few ideas you may steal! 

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