Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ways to cut Wedding cost

Weddings are usually for splurging and Bride's are no different. We understand that this is your most important day but why spend on unnecessary items when you can save the money and use it for maybe a trip overseas or refurbishing you room according to your taste etc. If you have a vast budget then please go ahead and waste, but i have always felt that a penny saved is a penny wise. Weddings can go as extravagant as you want, the key is to keep it within a budget and save some for the future travel or hobbies. 

Bride's Trousseau

We all know that 95 percent of us are not going to wear the Wedding Lehenga ever again after marriage. Spending half of your wedding budget on a Wedding Lehenga for one night, especially if its costing half of your wedding budget is not a great move. I know you want to look like a queen on your wedding, but i doubt its a smart move in current times. My advice, you ditch the designer label, and instead research through the magazines, browse the net for the perfect dress, design and color and ask your trusted tailor or budding designer friend. 
There are easier routes too, like buying during the sale season, or purchasing through the online stores etc. 
Never do your wedding shopping in a mall. The beautiful dresses displayed in malls can be way too expensive than any other shops.
Same is for your rest of the trousseau. Buy chick designs which you can flaunt in you daily day wear. Our advice? Splurge on the lingerie!!

We all want to look our best on our wedding day. Glowing skin, blemish free is every brides dream. And no one can deny the importance of make up in this. So instead of going for a complete mismatch of colors and cosmetics, we suggest you decide the attire first and then go for makeup shopping. Many Brides are going for cosmetic surgeries before their wedding... that is a personal choice. We all agree that good exercise and healthy diet makes you healthy always.

Make a wish list. The list includes your jewellery, bridal costumes, makeup kits, etc. Prioritize your preferences according to required money and time.
Have a versatile look. Marriage is a day everybody wants to make it memorable. Have a versatile look; shop something unique, lovely and gorgeous jewellery sets. If you lack money, revamp your mother’s jewellery for the special day. Also buy few jewellery pieces you can wear in daily routine.
Try opting for interchangeable bridal jewellery. Interchangeable jewellery provides you more choices to make experiments with your look. Just use your imagination and wear a new look flawlessly.
Modify old jewellery. We, Indian girls are blessed with a rich collection of jewellery, we collect since our childhood; why not pay attention to that. You can exchange them with new jewellery sets or you can get customized them using your creativity. Think wisely!

Ah, those dainty little feet of yours need to match the attire. In fact, many brides ignore footwear till the last minute which results in over-spending, mostly in hideous golden heels which are never touched again. Buying your footwear should be considered around the same time when you are buying your bridal attire. Your wedding entails long hours, constant action and little rest. Choose comfortable sandals/shoes that won't leave your feet hurt. Indian weddings mean bling. It however does not give you freedom to buy the gaudiest of footwear.
Buy sensibly so that you can wear it in future.

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