Monday, April 7, 2014

Planetary positioning and matrimonial dispositon

How does one envisage a Hindu marriage? Bountiful food, colorful attires, ornaments, celebrations, togetherness .However rituals and customs, rather customs undermine the whole marriage. What leads to a perfect arranged marriage are months and sometimes years of match making, a custom that is often mentally deteriorating on girls especially on ones who embody ‘Manglik or Mangal dosh’.

Being a Manglik becomes a big tussle in the settlement of marriage of a girl or a boy because it is considered to be the most important parameter in match-making. Marriages, at times, get abnormally delayed due to such problems.

Matching the stars –
Astrology is an integral part of the tradition of arranging marriages, it goes back to the days of Vedic scripts, and the purpose is solely to avoid the pain and trouble of joining ties with an unknown.’ Manglik dosh’ is one of the most dreaded drawbacks in the Vedic chart. Being a Manglik on both side of the gender can add to the age of marriage of the couples.

Who is a Manglik?

If the planet Mars is in some specific places in the house of their lunar chart then the individual has embodied ‘Manglik dosh’ in him/her. Being a Manglik depends upon the planetary position of the native in his/her Janma Kundali.

Legend has it that the power inherent in Vedic astrology understands masculine and feminine energies of relationships in matchmaking. When correctly understood, a clear picture of the relationship's future comes into focus. The kind and success of marriage depends upon the strength and position of planets.

Mystifying a Manglik:

Some popular myths:

·  Death of the husband or a close relative whom the Manglik girl ties the knot to.
·  Born on a Tuesday then you are naturally a Manglik and you are ruled by the planet Mars. 
·    A manglik girl is supposed to marry a tree before actually marrying a man.

As per astrologers the effects of Manglik Dosh can be negated with the help of astrological remedies with the application of Poojas, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities. And the remedies differ from individual to individual depending upon the horoscopes.

 Popularly disbelieved - Manglik theory for some strange reasons is only applicable on girls and enforces a belief that a Manglik girl can be responsible for her husband’s death. And girls are always blamed for anything that goes wrong in the life after marriage. Strange customs!

Thanks to some unskilled and improbable astrologers, belief in this science has been sinking, lack of clarity and understanding on this subject has made people ward off something less unscientific and irrational.

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