Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tips to finding the right Partner

Choosing a partner with whom you can spend your life with is a rather important decision. In today’s modern day and age, Indian arranged marriages too, are conducted via rather unconventional routes. The existence of matrimonial websites has made it possible for brides and grooms to look for their better halves with relative ease. 

Before you start your hunt, you need to consider the following – 

Understanding who you are - It is important that before you interact with or meet with any potential life partner, you gain significant self awareness that allows you to grow into an honest and open minded individual. Start now, by working on your weaknesses so that you don’t need to impose any personal baggage on the new relationship. Be confident about your belief system and you will be able to attract towards yourself the perfect match.

Understand what you are Looking for in your Partner -Knowing what it is that you expect will help you avoid getting into a relationship with a person who eventually has different goals in life than yours. 

Ask the Right Questions - It is important that you go well beyond the conventional professional and hobby related questions to assess whether or not your potential partner suits you. Also, if you are a Manglik, it is best to clarify the same from the beginning. Also discuss factors such as ethics, spiritual belief systems and even dietary habits that can prove to be critical when you live together. 

Avoid making any Commitments with any individual before you really get to know him or her- Relationships often get clouded by physical intimacy. If you have moved on to the courtship stage, it is important that you work hard to really get to know the person. Getting to know your future partner deeply is excellent for a sustainable long term relationship.

Making the Families Meet - In an Indian matrimonial setting especially, it is important that the families get along as much as the couple does. Since you will most likely be living with your in laws or interacting with them on a very regular basis, it is critical that you and your own family get to know your partner’s family. Also understand if they have any inhibitions with regards to you or your partner being a Manglik. The elder’s of the family are always able to come up with practical solutions to such potential problems.

By spending enough time with your partner and his or her family, you can make informed assessments of your life together as husband and wife.

Finding a life partner can be quite a daunting task considering how it can affect your life. This article discusses how you can go about finding the perfect spouse for yourself.

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