Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is age a barrier among the married couples?

Traditions and beliefs hold a strong and consistent place in the culture of India. However diverse their cultures are, the beliefs surround almost the same dimensions of culture in different ways. Since centuries put together, younger women are married to older men. Sometimes, the age gap is more than two generations, but this was mostly the case in rural areas. The urban side of India looked down at such age gaps, making them socially unacceptable. However, as globalization invades the Corporate in India, even culture is impacted. The most affected by globalization is the generation, today. It has been increasingly noticed that Indian matrimonial ceremonies are taking place, irrespective of the social norms revolving around the concept of age and marriage. Usually, it is the man who is older, but in a lot of cases women too are seen to be much older. There are many reasons why, such age gap between the spouses is considered good.

The Psychological aspect and Maturity
Psychologically, women mature earlier than men. This enables women to think more sensitively and rationally. To marry an older man would mean he is much more mature and thence matching their compatibility. However, many young men mature soon enough. And some get attracted to women much younger than them. They think it an ego boost, as it makes them feel younger than their age too. Maturity is a significant fragment which determines the understanding and compatibility in a couple. 

• Communication and Patience
With age, you undergo a lot of experiences. Some experiences are good, while some are bad. This toughens a person making him or her, much wiser and patient. Along with patience you also learn to be a good listener and a calm speaker. With patience, right tone of talking and communication a relationship evolves to new heights. When, in a couple, one is older than the other spouse the level of understanding thus increases. 

Appeal and Beauty
Some say, looks are skin deep and some say looks are everything. Appeal and beauty are two things and there is a thin line between them. One is sheer physical attraction and the other is more concerned with one’s disposition. 
After a certain age, looks is not what matters. It is about how beautiful you are, from within. Beauty plays an essential role, in the earlier stages of getting along. One dresses up for another and wear what his or her spouse likes. But, over a period of time, the basic nature of a person is what the spouse needs to be comfortable with. In a couple when one is older than the other; this factor plays a soothing role in enhancing their relationship.

Needs and Wants… Space and Comfort
Between married couples, everything needs to be shared. Be it finances, comfort, space, food, habits, social life and much more. When there is a wider gap between the spouses, the older one is usually the understanding one, making him or her more compromising. Such a condition of being, allows room for more tolerance and love too. The relationship is much more valued. 

Friends with Benefits
The best way to deal a married relationship is by treating your spouse as your best friend. It then becomes easier to share and lead a more flexible and comfortable married life. And this is possible when one spouse is older than the other. In fact, when the couple has a 5-10 year gap, one tends to take care of the other. Caring for one another is also a very important aspect in a relationship. 

Relationships are distinct in their own ways. And some relationships fail to have happy endings. But, with the growing acceptance of such marriages where age is no barrier, Indian Matrimonial websites are also encouraging partners of wide age-gaps to marry each other. 
Indian culture has crossed the barrier of age and become acceptable in today’s day and age. And there are various aspects which prove to be advantageous when the age gap is wider.

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