Friday, April 18, 2014

Baraat and Baraati's

The Baraat or Wedding Procession is the highlight of all Indian weddings. The baraati's are usually the family members, friends and relatives who accompany the Groom to the Wedding venue. Baraat is all about fun, music, singing and dancing to the popular Bollywood beats. The Groom and his horse are covered in the finest with Groom's head adorned with a Turban and his face partially covered by the Sehra or the Floral Veil to add Royal touch.

The main focus of the baraat is the groom who is traditionally mounted on either a white horse or a horse-led carriage or in some cases an elephant.

In some cultures, the groom is accompanied by a younger sibling, called “sarbaala” who they say acts as his protector.Today most modern grooms prefer to travel in classic vintage cars which are decorated with flowers or ribbons.

A traditional  Baraat consists of a group of 12 or more musicians, usually a brass band, playing a number of instruments to the latest Bollywood hits. The smartly dressed brass band members are a part of the dancing and merry making. Adding to this are the Dhol beats playing for the bhangra loving baraatis.

The entourage may be accompanied by light bearers who carry portable lamps on their head. A beautiful display of fireworks contributes to the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowd. The instruments commonly played in a traditional brass band are trumpets,trombones, tubas, clarinets, cymbals, tabla, base drum and saxophones. On reaching the venue, the baraatis are welcomed with garlands, a spray of rose water and refreshments. The groom is welcomed with an aarti and led to the mandap, where his bride awaits.

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