Monday, April 7, 2014

Anatomy of Matrimonial Websites

The age-old saying - "marriages are made in heaven" - appears to have become redundant now. Marriage may be sacramental but the modern day couples find their matches not anymore by the conventional ways, thanks to internet that have offer opportunities to speed date , explore and approach the possible groom or bride.

Online Matrimony is here for good!

A search on matrimony simply over the search engine will throw links of websites that are commercially operated on a business model that draws revenue from the bride and groom and from the business of selling ads.

Create your ID, subscribe for advanced search, find the right match and approach the girl/boy. These days’ marriage sites have platforms wherein couples can chat and interact with the person he or she likes. 

Almost 90 per cent of their revenue comes from user subscription fee, which ranges from Rs 3,290 to Rs 50,000 per quarter .Online matrimony not only rely only on subscription model for growth their business goes in to the length and breadth of the marriage ceremonies, many such websites offer end to end solutions to the customers.

Online matrimony business also requires continuous investment on customer acquisition, as the customer lifetime is on an average about six to nine months; therefore lot of emphasis is laid on customer acquisition.

Sustaining the folklore -

Matrimonial websites have been segmented not just considering Trans geographical/cultural dimensions but also by taking in to consideration astrological aspects. There are host of websites that specifically focus on the Manglik Matrimonial, where the matchmaking is made easier between Manglik boy and girl. Manglik Matrimonial in a way is a boon for the rather unfortunate youth who would have had a hard time finding their match through conventional ways. With a platform in place it’s easier to match Manglik prospects these days.

Heading skywards-

Online matrimonial websites is Rs.510 crore matrimony classifieds market with 2.2 million profiles uploaded per month. These websites work on a 50-70% margin.

Saving the grace of the business-

Considering the rising tide of divorces across urban India that could threaten the businesses of these websites, online matrimony portals have started to adopt innovative measures to imbibe values of a happy married life amongst the youth. Their services include counseling, offering free books on the dos and don'ts of a happy marriage through mailers and links to social media and blogs.

To Summarize: Matrimony websites can be deceitful, so be prudent and judicious while browsing matrimonial websites. Be alert; fix matches after making proper due-diligence. 

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