Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How the Courtship Period moulds a Good Marriage Life

Indian weddings have evolved over a continuum of time. Be it with the help of an Indian Matrimonial Site, just through relatives or maybe after falling in love; the way marriages are handled and organized now has transformed. Times have changed and so has the people’s thinking. Culture has a very important role to play in Indian families. And every family has a different set of do’s and don’ts. 

Earlier, couples would get married almost as soon as the marriage was fixed. Now, Indian families believe in having giving the couple a decent time-gap between the engagement and marriage for courtship, so that they can get to know each other better. This is significant phase in the life of a couple as it will help you understand and determine a number of facets of your married life. 

Firstly, an Indian marriage is not the union of a man and a woman. It is the union of two families. So, your courtship period is a very important facet of your pre-wedded life. This is the best time to know each others’ families. Especially for a girl, it is of utmost importance. The girl mingles with the boy’s family and it will give her an idea about what kind of people there are and how they mingle. Even a boy must mingle with the girl’s side, as this will help you comprehend her background and upbringing of their spouse-to-be. 

Secondly, different families have their own style and system of living. One should be aware of what to expect in future. Certain families are forward and less religious, while few are religious and conservative. Understanding their culture and lifestyle is very essential.

Third, The courtship is the best time for a couple to get close and know each other. Spending quality time and discussing small to big problems, even arguing; gets one another close and increase their compatibility. 

Fourth, If you intend to continue studying or have predetermined goals about working, which include travelling a lot then such details should always be spoken out and clarified. If such matters are not clearly talked about during your courtship, it may lead to discontent in the future. 

Fifth, discuss aspects such as how you jointly wish to manage your social life, daily routines, work life as well as family life. If he or she thinks any different, you both should come out with a solution that makes you both happy. 

Sixth, both the partners must make an effort to mingle with each other’s friends in this period so you both get to be yourselves and he or she can understand your actual personality. 

Seventh, there are few more points that need to be discussed before marriage. Like, how many children do you and your partner want and when do you want to have children. 

Courtship is essentially a prologue of your life after marriage! Especially, if you are married to someone you got connected to over an Indian Matrimonial Site, or any other route of arranged marriages. 

Courtship is necessary while getting married. Be it a love marriage or through an Indian Matrimonial Site, one needs to know what he or she should expect after being married.

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